sobota, 15 grudnia 2012


Don't let yourself to a cold, flu or whatever else. Fight it with patience, some medicine... and some sangria ^^

sobota, 1 grudnia 2012

SW Minis

Star Wars Miniatures - a game we used to play a lot. I guess I'm quite a weird girl for even knowing this title ;)

wtorek, 14 sierpnia 2012

Bartender friend

It's not always good to have a friend after bartender course. Sometimes it may be catastrophic. And that were 2 drinks and 2 drinks only

wtorek, 7 sierpnia 2012

środa, 25 lipca 2012

One woman

BTW, I have taken part in yet another wonderfull deviantart contest (Mythical Creatures T-Shirt Design Challenge -

Enjoy great desings made by deviants from all around the world! Also, there are three shy entries by my own ^^ If you feel the need to see/vote/comment/critisize any of my entries, please feel free:

niedziela, 8 lipca 2012

Stressed guy

BTW, sorry I haven't posted anything for some time - I was 1) studying, studying and studying, 2) taking part in the Musically Inspired Design competition on deviantart ( if you want to see my entries), 3) studying some more :(:(:(

poniedziałek, 30 kwietnia 2012

środa, 25 kwietnia 2012